House of Prayer Christian Church, Hinesville GA
Personal Benefits of Long-term Missionary Work

The House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC), located in Hinesville, Georgia, is an outlet for spiritual guidance and societal improvement. In addition to its various religious teachings, the House of Prayer of Hinesville, Georgia, engages in missionary work throughout the world.

Missionary work is loosely defined as a religious trip to a foreign country to provide spiritual aid. Some advantages to engaging in long-term missionary trips include:

Culture: Truly adapting to a foreign culture takes time. Missionary work allows individuals to form deep spiritual connections and understand their host culture.

Need: Long-term missionary workers are decreasing, and only about 150,000 individuals serve as Christian missionaries. Becoming a missionary not only allows one to serve others, but the church, as well.

Progress: In order to make a real difference, momentum must be built over time. Long-term missions provide the spark needed to foster long-term progress.

Language: Understanding a language takes a great deal of time to understand, and being immersed in the culture helps immensely. Missions are the perfect environment for learning another language organically.

Studies Show the Healing Benefits of Prayer

The House of Prayer in Hinesville, GA, is a church that offers spiritual guidance and prayerful communication through its services, over the radio, and through its prison ministry. The House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) lives up to its name by underscoring the practice of prayer for spiritual and physical healing.

Even among those who are suffering from serious disorders, prayer can lead to quicker healing times. Specialists in the fields of psychology and medicine offer several possible explanations for prayer’s power in this respect.

Prayer gives people confidence as it allows them to release control to God, which lessens anxiety. Also, prayer relaxes patients, which reduces hypertension and blood pressure. The healing presence of God makes one feel spiritually connected and loved. In addition, prayer has been shown to elicit positive feelings and help develop traits that Christians seek — forgiveness, hope, compassion, and thankfulness.

Because prayer serves to calm, it may stop the release of the hormone cortisol in the system, a substance that can negatively impact one’s immunity to disease. People who practice prayer may also be able to more easily adapt to any issues that arise with their illness. All in all, the characteristics associated with a prayerful life — belief and faith — also have a positive impact on one’s health.