Located in Hinesville, Georgia, House of Prayer Christian Church is a strong center of spiritual living for the Christians who attend weekly Bible studies, worship services, and prayer meetings. Missionary activity remains a strong facet of the outreach work conducted by House of Prayer Christian Church. The church recently sent three members on a missionary trip to India. In preparation for the trip, they spent time in serious reflection, in order to be perfectly clear on why they were going on their mission, where they planned to work, and with whom. In India, the missionaries from House of Prayer Christian Church met and collaborated with native preachers and Bible students to preach and pray in the streets of Mumbai and the South Indian city of Chennai. The missionaries strove to follow the example of the apostles in the Scriptures and made a practice of prayer and fasting. They met their contacts, both planned and unplanned, and felt in the end that the trip had been fruitful. Returning to Hinesville, Georgia, the missionaries told others in the House of Prayer Christian Church about their experience, hoping to share the knowledge they had gained. In order to promote the goal of its missionary work further, House of Prayer Christian Church has a Bible Seminary, where men and women can study the Scriptures and learn how to preach and explain them. At the school, both faculty and students strive to live spiritual virtues and avoid worldly preoccupations. Students at House of Prayer Bible Seminary express gratitude for the instruction they receive and the opportunity to serve others. The seminary is currently exploring the process of accreditation and would like to sponsor military chaplains and allow students to use their G.I. bills to pay for their seminary education in the future.


House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) - Water Baptism

Headquartered in Hinesville, Georgia, House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) provides spiritual enlightenment to its parishioners and assistance to individuals in need. Among the sacraments performed by HOPCC is water baptism.

Considered one of the most important sacraments, water baptism first requires a person to accept Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior. After this internal change, the baptism functions as an outward indication of this decision. It starts with a person standing or sitting in or near water. A religious leader will lower the participant into the water in a process known as immersion before bringing him or her up again. While some churches will only sprinkle holy water on the head of the person, many prefer the immersion form.

The relevance of water baptism is due to its symbolism. According to the Book of Romans and the Book of Matthew, three crucial things occur during baptism. The individual dies with Christ, is reborn with Christ, and enters a new life as part of a community. This parallels Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Some Christian churches, including HOPCC, believe that baptism should be for “believers only” and, thus, requires the rite to occur when the participant reaches an age of reason.

Studies on Healing Show that Prayer Works

The House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) helps medical patients and others suffering spiritually and physically. Prayer is the primary method used by the HOPCC to assist people in making dramatic changes in their lives.

Research shows that prayer, when administered to medical patients being treated in health care settings, makes a significant difference in the outcome of their conditions. In one study conducted in 1988, physician Randolph Byrd studied the effect of prayer on 393 coronary patients in a hospital in San Francisco. All the participants, who had similar symptoms, were placed in either a prayer group or a control group for study purposes. Neither the physicians nor the patients were aware which individuals were assigned to which group. Christians were given the name and condition of certain patients so they could pray for them during their hospital stay.

At the end of the study, researchers found that patients in the prayer group recovered measurably better than those in the control group. Approximately 85 percent of those in the prayer group scored well in response to therapy. Patients in this group also needed fewer antibiotics or required interventions such as intubation or ventilation therapy.

HOPCC Bible Seminary, Preparing Christian Missionaries

Through Christian worship, prayer, and Bible study, House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) in Hinesville, Georgia, established a firm foundation for fruitful Christian lives. Because studying Scripture represents a key factor in Christian living, HOPCC operates the Bible Seminary, where students of all ages study the Bible to explore the central teachings of Christianity.

HOPCC Bible Seminary students and faculty share a devotion to living according to spiritual principles, without the distractions of the world to impede them. At the heart of each student’s and every faculty member’s efforts resides a commitment to incorporate God’s will into their daily lives.

A central action accompanies effective Bible study. Fervent prayer, prayer in which a sincere Christian cries to God the Father with such devotion as to move God’s heart, yields a great spiritual gift. The Father pours out the Holy Spirit, who gives compassion and who empowers those who pray with sufficient zeal to preach the Gospel to all the corners of the earth and to take part in the great effort to save souls.

Because Jesus died so that human beings could experience salvation, evangelization carries the highest priority for faithful Christians. HOPCC Bible Seminary prepares men and women to embrace Bible study as more than mere work.

Understanding the Historical Meaning of Cults

House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) in Hinesville, Georgia, serves its congregation with such activities as prayer meetings, Bible study, and missionary journeys around the world. HOPCC also operates a Bible seminary and a prayer hotline. In its goal to help people understand Christianity and the HOPCC vision, the church provides online information about the meaning of cults as they relate to Christianity.

In its wrong definition as a system of religious beliefs, the term “cult” can be misapplied to almost all religions, the true definition of a cult is any religion that does not recognize the deity of Christ, including Christian denominations. In fact, in its infancy, the Christian church earned the title of cult by such powerful forces as the Roman Empire. As early Christians met in secret, yet traveled the Roman world and beyond, they maintained a mysterious aura marked by superstitious misunderstanding by outsiders. Eventually, with its global spread, Christianity left behind its status as a cult and earned respect in the eyes of rulers.

Personal Benefits of Long-term Missionary Work

The House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC), located in Hinesville, Georgia, is an outlet for spiritual guidance and societal improvement. In addition to its various religious teachings, the House of Prayer of Hinesville, Georgia, engages in missionary work throughout the world.

Missionary work is loosely defined as a religious trip to a foreign country to provide spiritual aid. Some advantages to engaging in long-term missionary trips include:

Culture: Truly adapting to a foreign culture takes time. Missionary work allows individuals to form deep spiritual connections and understand their host culture.

Need: Long-term missionary workers are decreasing, and only about 150,000 individuals serve as Christian missionaries. Becoming a missionary not only allows one to serve others, but the church, as well.

Progress: In order to make a real difference, momentum must be built over time. Long-term missions provide the spark needed to foster long-term progress.

Language: Understanding a language takes a great deal of time to understand, and being immersed in the culture helps immensely. Missions are the perfect environment for learning another language organically.

Studies Show the Healing Benefits of Prayer

The House of Prayer in Hinesville, GA, is a church that offers spiritual guidance and prayerful communication through its services, over the radio, and through its prison ministry. The House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) lives up to its name by underscoring the practice of prayer for spiritual and physical healing.

Even among those who are suffering from serious disorders, prayer can lead to quicker healing times. Specialists in the fields of psychology and medicine offer several possible explanations for prayer’s power in this respect.

Prayer gives people confidence as it allows them to release control to God, which lessens anxiety. Also, prayer relaxes patients, which reduces hypertension and blood pressure. The healing presence of God makes one feel spiritually connected and loved. In addition, prayer has been shown to elicit positive feelings and help develop traits that Christians seek — forgiveness, hope, compassion, and thankfulness.

Because prayer serves to calm, it may stop the release of the hormone cortisol in the system, a substance that can negatively impact one’s immunity to disease. People who practice prayer may also be able to more easily adapt to any issues that arise with their illness. All in all, the characteristics associated with a prayerful life — belief and faith — also have a positive impact on one’s health.